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The company "Kass Hodling" specializes in production and assembly of furniture equipment for places and objects like: offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, offices, students' hostels, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

We offer a wide scope of typical furniture and we make special atypical furniture, according to client's wishes. Our articles comply with the requirements of PN(Polish Standard). Our aces are: modern design, high quality, reliability, punctuality and competitive prices.

For production of furniture we use modern materials: - Basic material are melamine chipboards enriched, produced in
E-1 sanitary class, comply with the highest international requirements, in full colour scale and several thickness . - Worktops of furniture for bars, kitchens, laboratories etc. are produced of post-forming boards, granite, marble and Reausolid. - Narrow surfaces (edges of furniture) we finish
in a few variants: Unoflex edge, PVC edge with own feather, PVC edge 0,5 - 3 mm thick, solid wood edge 0,5 - 3 mm thick, edge of Propor type (for worktops 28 - 56 mm thick). Furniture hardware comply with high requirements of intensive exploitation. - We assemble the door on steel, cylinder hinges with self-closing system of BLUM, that have a lifelong warranty. - We assemble the drawers d on steel, roller runners or on met-boxes. - Doors are closed with high class patent locks of SISO. - Drawers in plumb-line are closed with central locks of SISO.

Materials for production of furniture (boards, glues) have certificates of E-1 sanitary class.

We produce upholstered furniture of modern foam, spring and cover materials. On couches we use wave springs and foam forms of several elasticity. The springs used under the foams reduces sitting down the foam after long period of operational use.